Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day365 . Monday, January 4

I drove past these snow covered trees with the sun shining through them at just the right angle. I had to drive a whole mile farther, turn around and drive past them going the opposite direction for a mile, then turn and come back toward them. By that time, the sun was not at the same angle. I tried for the shot anyway......not as impressive as I had hoped.

This is it. The 365th post of photos. (Well, except for the few days that I missed)
This is also the final post on this blog (at least, I think it is). I will be posting more often, with more photos on my other blog. I think I will do a once a week post of a picture from each day of the previous week. That is my plan, anyway. It has been difficult to keep up with two blogs, as is obvious, since I am usually behind on this one....that is why I am going to try incorporate the theme of this blog into my other one.

Please come visit me there - and don't forget to leave a comment!

Thanks for sharing this experiment with me! Have a wonderful 2010!

Day 364.....Sunday, January 3

Well, Jim left for work today....to Whitecourt, for we do not know how long.
Rather than sit around and mope about my man being gone, I made a trip to town and returned a Christmas gift that was missing parts.
I love the long line of evergreens along the road....they especially looked pretty covered with snow.

Day 363....January 2, Saturday

We visited at Jim's mom and dad's today where we were happy to have a short time with Auntie Marian as well as with Uncle Dale and Auntie Eneken. After a few hours there, we also visited my mom and Maurice. We enjoyed a nice supper with them. (The photo is of Dad and Auntie Marian)

Day 362. Happy 2010!

We 'had' Christmas again today so that we could celebrate with the Muyaba's. It was like Dec 25 all over again - with a few fewer gifts.

Taliah enjoyed the toy that was in her stocking.....

Day 361 - New Year's Eve

We had originally planned to visit our parents today, but because the roads were very icy last night when we brought Vinj and Kath home, we elected instead to postpone our visits to Saturday and use this day to get Jim ready to go to work on Sunday.

I made sure all his laundry was done and folded, ready for him to count out however many shirts and socks he wanted and them pack them into his bag.

Not the most celebratory way to end the year, but we enjoyed having the day and evening together, even if we did not have a party.

Day 360....Wednesday, Dec 30

We picked Vinjeu and Kathryn up at the Calgary airport this afternoon. They had been in Europe for almost 3 weeks. If Kath looks a little tired and haggard - it is because she was. A ten hour flight with a child on your lap, coupled with jet lag and another 3 hour trip by truck before you get home wears you out! But, in spite of the extreme fatigue, she was still able to flash hat beautiful smile!

Day 359.....Dec 29 Tuesday

Oyster soup is a Hutchinson Christmas tradition. In Jim's family it is always served on Christmas Eve. At our house, we sometimes make it for the 24th - sometimes it is served on New Year's Eve. This year, Jim made it (for himself, because I do not much care for it) today. The photo is of the recipie - taken from the family cookbook I made a few years ago. Unfortunately, the oysters were bad and the soup had to be flushed. Jim was very disappointed.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 358....Monday Dec 28

Evidence that someone had fun in the snow recently.

Day 357.....Sunday, Dec 27

A bit of the aftermath.....which we did NOT clean up today - we just layed around all day

Day 356.....Boxing Day

One of the best gifts of the day......matching Tshirts for Andrew and Kaden. "Tool" is how Kaden says 'cool'

Day 355....Christmas Day

Of course, there are tons of photos to choose from for Christmas Day....too many, so we go with the candles.

Day 354.....Christmas Eve

I took no photos Christmas Eve....too busy. This is from Christmas morning...taken by Dan, on my camera. A beautiful, frosty morning.

Day 353......Wednesday, Dec 23

Yes, there are some ornaments on the tree......a few more each day.

Day 352 Dec 22 - Tuesday

Our NEW new bathroom clock.....the other new one quit working right away.

Day 351 - Monday, Dec 21

Started wrapping presents today.....these are the first to be wrapped.